WASHINGTON, June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Startup small businesses are receiving additional financial help and changing the way they do business, according to new survey data gathered by SCORE, mentors to America's small businesses. Data shows that just 20% of startups applied for the Payment Protection Program (PPP) and only half (49%) of applicants received funding. A third (32%) of startups have received delays for existing loan payments; and, a quarter (25%) have received new, non-governmental loans, while 20% have received improved payment terms from vendors.

Only 20% of startups (defined as small businesses who had been in operation for one year or less) applied for PPP and only half who applied received assistance:

  • 49% of startups that applied for PPP did not receive anything.
  • 36% of startups that applied for PPP received the full amount requested.
  • 15% of startups that applied for PPP received a portion of the amount requested.

Startups are receiving increasingly more non-governmental financial help over time:

  • 32% of startups have received delays for existing loan payments as of June, up from 10% of startups in April.
  • 25% of startups have received new loans as of June, up from 7% of startups in April.
  • 20% of startups have received improved payment terms from vendors as of June, up from 5% of startups in April.
  • 19% of startups have received support from crowdfunding or other community requests as of June, up from 7% in April.
  • 15% of startups have received expanded lines of credit as of June, up from 4% of startups in April.

Startups are creatively seeking new target markets, business models, and products and services in order to better serve customers:

  • 33% of startups are implementing COVID-19 customer communications.
  • 33% of startups are seeking new target markets.
  • 33% of startups have made no changes.
  • 26% of startups are changing their business model.
  • 22% of startups are adding new products and services.
  • 21% of startups are adding telephone appointments.
  • 14% of startups are adding enhancements to an online store.
  • 13% of startups are adding delivery and pick-up options.

Startups are cleaning more, adjusting spaces and changing hours:

  • 44% of startups have made no changes.
  • 30% of startups are deep cleaning.
  • 23% of startups are limiting the number of customers.
  • 22% of startups have changed the physical space.
  • 20% of startups have adjusted business hours.
  • 13% of startups have consulted with insurance and lawyers to protect against lawsuits.
  • 6% of startups have found additional suppliers as backup.

Many startups are providing employees with flexible work arrangements and protective equipment (PPE):

  • 43% of startups have provided PPE.
  • 37% of startups have revised employee policies.
  • 32% of startups have made no changes.
  • 30% of startups are teleworking.
  • 27% of startups are implementing employee health screenings.
  • 18% of startups are cross-training in case workers are absent.
  • 13% of startups have staggered employee schedules.
  • 13% of startups are making accommodations for at-risk employees.

Download the infographic for more information on how small businesses are finding financing and updating their operations during COVID-19.

"Data shows that startup small business owners are open to changing their plans and are willing to take the necessary steps to adapt to the new business environment," said SCORE CEO Bridget Weston. "While changes can be difficult, especially for new business owners, SCORE is here to help at every step of the way, and our network of 10,000 volunteer mentors are dedicated to helping small businesses succeed."


Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than 11 million aspiring entrepreneurs. Each year, SCORE's 10,000 volunteer business experts provide free small business mentoring sessions, workshops and educational services to more than 260 chapters and 1,500 communities nationwide. In 2019, SCORE volunteers helped to create 29,681 new businesses and 67,706 non-owner jobs.

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